Trance Energy Mix – 2018 – The most powerful tracks the genre has to offer

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If you own the rights to one of the tracks in this mix and want this video removed, please contact me.

Finally a new 140 mix with some of the most powerful tracks released in the past year! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!

Tracklist in the video, but down below aswell.

1. Indecent Noise – Strikeforce (UCast Remix)
2. The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry – Let It Come (Darren Porter Remix)
3. Jak Aggas – Strangers Like Me (Extended Mix)
4. Manuel Le Saux – Precious (Nikolauss #140 Remix)
5. John Askew – Black Coffee (UCast Remix)
6. Mark Sherry & RAM – Nordic Nights (Darren Porter Remix)
7. Alessandra Roncone – Serenity (Extended Mix)
8. Darren Porter – Light Speed (Original Mix)
9. Madwave meets XiJaro & Pitch – Nothing Set In Stone (Original Mix)
10. Sean Tyas – Now You See (Darren Porter Remix)
11. Kiyoi & Eky vs. ELV – The Experiment (Original Mix)
12. Allen Watts & Jak Aggas – Slipstream (Extended Mix)
13. Bas & RAM – Speed Of Light (Remastered 2018)