Romanian House Music Mix 2011 #1

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Our first Romanian House Mix! We hope you Like it! Tracklist: FaceBook:…

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Altaf Manjra says:


MTVsexy style says:


Chacha Smaili says:


rubickscube6666 says:

I didn’t read it.

SAM OUS says:

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Can you THUMPS UP this
Thank you

SuperChristopherHill says:

What is the song name at 29:20?

Alexu Anasu says:


Sludgehammerz says:

what is the song at 5:11?

MixesAw says:

Please take a look at my channel and look at my Mix #1 loads of great tunes! :)

d4gn3r0us says:


thecoco8924 says:

crazy celebrities. celebrities have gone crazy. kareena slapped a senior news reporter in a meeting. she must be mad.

i found this clip here –>

Patrik Porvázsnyik says:


richard walsh says:


TheEclypze says:

Hello Youtubers And For All Of Those Who Love Electronic Music Of All Kind.

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raeof benchaa says:


Andi laut tawar says:

so nice music.


Elena Gheorghe – Your Captain Tonight

P33TMusic says:

Great mix with great tracks!
btw: I like your backspin´s , sounds exciting! :P

Valentina Špoljarić says:

I need a help. I can’t find song, usually she is in top song in romanian house music, i can’t remember name of song, but lyrics is ”..dancing in the moonlight..” please heeeeeelp!

maltababe3 says:

perfect 2 + deep in love ;)

SAClan Necromancers says:

So Good

Nick Dorneanu says:

Romania!!! Good stuff!!

msalik1988 says:

Great mix!!!

Jake Brooks says:


888ZTE says: swedish DJ making house, here for you who are interested ^^

richard walsh says:

Chilling with some good tunes..

jonathan s says:

You Sir have Very GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC!!!! WOOT!! XD

Khristophoros1001 says:

I wanna know if anyone here knows the song in this video from 06:35 is? /watch?v=zqbJw_7lLvE&list=UU1ZDve_EX6PljWwaJ8JnA7A&index=26&feature=plcp

sweetsmile493 says:

Best mix ever! love xoxo romania

leviterande says:

how didnt she fall?

ConKiMusic says:

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Martin Parchowski says:

ta muzyka jest najlepsza :)

lash davison says:

I love how some of these songs i listened to last year and it just brings back memories last ear in November cold fall night

Remco van Leeuwen says:


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