Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011

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Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011 Directed & Produced by Mo Taha © Mota Productions 2011 Rise of the Bedroom Producer is a short …

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Darren Doheny says:

Foreign concept smokes AMBERLEAF yup gwan da rollies

Jason Smith says:

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Free Kontakt Libraries For Music Producers

T.H.M.P BEATS says:

This was very informative! Heres Three tips every REAL producer should know!
3 Tips For |REAL Music Producers| 

Zach Martin says:

so inspiring one love bass and synths are what i live for 

Robert Dakin says:

That makes two of us

Romas Rudych says:

The music on background, Please!

marvomusic says:

Lynx looks so much like Fedde Le Grand !

DJillogick says:

it’s an Access Virus TI polar. While it can be used as a controller it is a
top of the line synth. One on my wish list as it runs over $2000.

Mauricio Yepes says:

anyone one know the name of the controller at 0:36? soundcloud . com /
subtlemuzik downtempo/808/juke

bouncyfunkyrecords says:

this is not a documentary, it’s just two douchbags talking about theirselves

toonmunger says:

The bedroom producers and the pop-up FM stations make the city buzz. Keep
up the good work.

DJ Syclonus says:

whats up? i mix “Scifi Drum n Bass,, check out my channel :)


I love to see happiness on Youtube

Igor Guerrero says:

Same here, I started to like pop music a lot, it’s really complicated!
Also, recently started listening to The Beatles critically (analyzing) and
wow, how unconventional and way ahead of their time they were! It’s insane!

Syronix says:

Looking to collaborate I use fl studio 11 feel free to contact me, i use
plug ins such as nexus, massive and sylenth1

Yassine D says:

what’s the song at 11:00 ?

TheOffialEnterro says:

That makes 3 now…

DornAlien123 says:

Yeah :)

lentejTV9 says:

WE fucking love DRUM & BASS.

zdane foxx says:

I think its great that we have access to a vast amount of software.
Producing is fun, but boy is it an addiction

Simon Harris says:

Rise of the Messy Bedroom Producer.

00HoODBoy says:

so show me how good you are


I started off as a rapper but over the years it became boring and that was
the birth of a Great Music Producer. Cheers to everyone who has there dream
even after a long day of work. Keep going.

carlo$ Danger says:

i know they’re used to loud sounds, but if you don’t turn off caps they’ll
be too afraid of going deaf to actually speak with you. (oh and correct
sentences never hurt either)

ishuqrydah says:

we all do that my mate

Cristian Tutuianu says:

Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011

Ableton Live Enthusiasts says:

The bedroom producer:

Rise of the Bedroom Producer – A Dance Music Documentary 2011

Brawnstyle2010 says:

Flag that “boring” comment for spam! I did

Brian Talbot says:

Foreign Concept is fucking stoned, since the 90′s

strifeii says:

it’s a british documentary in britain

sidimu says:

the first tune is macca & hosta – never leave you

don bowels says:


sso937 says:

thanks, yeah,i used to play the violin myself, besides in most cases the
computer has a keyboard, so in reality its just an “advanced
keyboardplayer.” but yeah, its like having a whole band/orchestra at your
disposal. you can even make it sound like a real band/orchestra, though to
please some ears, you´d need to do alot of fiddling. :)

Zenthex says:

some of these guys have been producing for about as long as i have. and my
music is only now getting to a decent quality standard. but they’re the
kind of people i look up to. so wtf?

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