French House Music

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Lost Space Pioneer
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Genre: French House

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Artwork & Animation by Petirep
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0:00 Miste – Burning
4:07 Nakata7 – Vapor
8:21 QB9 – Miss U
10:42 Thomas Bangalter – Ventura
16:31Miste – From Finland To France
21:25 The Phantom’s Revenge – Charlie (PLASMA Remix)
25:31 Niloush – Moitié Plein
27:52 Le Knight Club – Hysteria
33:42 Yadiz Le Voyageur – 909
37:54 Johnson – Untitled
40:53 PLASMA – In Da Soul
45:12 The Refresher – My Voyage To Your Heart
49:45 Nakata7 – Never Stop
53:50 Hexxar – Boogie Cops

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A loud and warm noise seems to come from a house. As this sound increases, a powerful blinding light grows from the sky. People are scared and try to escape, but it’s no use..”


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Meilleures chansons françaises 2019 MIX

➥ Suivez Genvis (Pour une deuxième fois, je me rassure)
Snapchat: @si.vneg (juste pour faire genre)

Bon, j’espère de vous revoir dans 5 mois pour le prochain mix? lol

1. Maes ft. Booba – Madrina
2. Angèle – Ta reine
3. Angèle ft. Roméo Elvis – Tout oublier
4. Dhurata Dora ft. Soolking – Zemer
5. Oboy feat. Aya Nakamura & Dopebwoy – Je m’en tape
6. Angèle – Ta reine
7. Bramsito ft. Booba – Sale Mood
8. Stromae – Alors on Danse
9. Dry – Tant Pis ft. Dadju
10. Lartiste ft. Carolina – Mafiosa
11. Maître Gims feat. Vianney – La Même
12. Heuss L’enfoiré – Aristocrate
13. Lartiste – Clandestina
14. Algerino – Les Menottes
15. Angèle – Victime des réseaux
16. Heuss l’Enfoiré – Khapta
17. Siboy ft. Benash & Damso – Mobali

18. Aya Nakamura – Djadja (j’ai dû le supprimer de la vidéo)*

Genvis 2019 (c)

(c)2018 Phunk Jamz Recordings. Mixed on May 2018 on 2x Technics 1210 Mk2. Best french house tunes from 90’s and 2000’s that has been released on legendary labels on vinyl records only. Pure underground touch of french house music. You know french house music isn’t Stardust or Daft Punk only. There were many great projects that stay in our mind and heart.

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— INFO — All “Old School House” mixes contain my favorite tracks from late 90’s and 00’s that has been released on vinyls only. Next mix will be released on June 2018.

May 2018: Old school house mix: French House Edition
June 2018: Old school house mix: Deep House Edition
July 2018: Old school house mix: Olav Basoski special
August 2018: Old school house mix: Chicago/Usa House Edition

I keep it real with: Underground House, Funky House 2000, Frenchtouch, Boogielectric, Filter House, Garage, Disco House, Nudisco, 70s Edit, 80s Edit, Funk, Hip House, Remix, Club and Dancefloor, house music mix 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.


Darius – Maliblue // Velour EP available:
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Artwork & Animation by Petirep
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Enjoy this super chill mix by my friend Mere!

His info

0:00 Etienne De Crecy – Smile
2:53 Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclair Remix)
6:15 Das Glow – I Want to Wake Up WIth You
8:36 The Paradise – In Love With You (Re-Edit)
10:47 Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Automatic
13:07 Breakbot – Happy Rabbit
16:07 Le Knight Club – Hysteria (Pleasurelove Remix)
16:50 Louis La Roche – Ghost
19:45 Etienne De Crecy – Scratched
22:09 Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Love Lost / So Much Love To Give (Chords)

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Threw together my recent favorite French House tracks!

The transitions was done using a tape-stop effect lol, lmk if that feels too cheap or distracting

Let’s discuss the producers, history, and breakdown of every single release put out by the classic French House label Crydamoure that rocked the French House scene in the late 90s.


107 Vaporwave Albums You Should Know! | Pad Chennington:


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This video is about how to make french house

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French Summer Remix 2018 | Chansons Hits 1950s – 1980s | Meilleurs Chansons Mix 🇫🇷
Suivez-moi: obligé tu sais. 🙄

➥ Suivez Genvis
Snapchat: @si.vneg (j’utilise jamais mais bon)

➥ Playlist:
1. Antis – Brigitte Bardot – La Madrague
2. Karlkaa – L amour À La Plage Feat. Hollydays
3. La bohème – Charles Aznavour
4. Brassens – Je me suis fait tout petit
5. Noir Desir – Le Vent Nous Portera
6. France Gall – Ella Elle l’a
7. Charles Trenet – Douce France
8. Antoine Malye – Paris
10. Carla Bruni – Quelqu un M’a Dit

DJ’s featured: Antis, Lost Frequencies, Moi je, The Tronicsound, Aarno, iamfattommy, Doumea, MrCo

Genvis 2018 (c)

Hello everyone, new mix here and I hope you all enjoy! New collab at the end with my friend Mere, shh it’s a secret :)

My spotify

1. Barbwalters – Lot to Learn
2. Unibe@t – Change in Pace
3. Digikid84 – Anything (Cherokee remix)
4. Stereocool – Welcome to Coral City
5. Vanilla – Gold
6. Childhood – Call my Name
7. Daft Punk – Revolution 909
8. DCUP – Someone Told Me (Extended)
9. Snowshoo – Touch
10. Tendencies – Don’t Tell Me
11. Uppermost – Satellite
12. Mere – Far Gone (ft. Barbwalters)

Happy New Year almost 2019! Enjoy this new mix! This is little bit different and not just the popular super old stuff

New mix is up!

Here is the tracklist:
1. Modjo – Lady (extended mix)
2. Housse de Racket – Synthetiseur (Bestrack funk destruction remix)
3. Unibe@t – the music aint over
4. Uppermost – Dixit
5. ev.exi – Cascara feat. Fibre
6. Lola Disco – Fire in the Sky (Pop up! remix)
7. Blende – Fake Love
8. Vanilla – Sure
9. Yung BAE – Distant Love
10. Kartell – Pantera (Darius remix)
11. Amherst – Love you More
12. Alex Gopher – Super Disco
13. Le Knight Club – Santa Claus
14. VANTAGE // – Chill Beach
15. BarbWalters – I Don’t / Need Love
16. Le Knight Club – Hystera II
17. Le Knight Club – Rhumba
18. Fibre – 810 (Deluxe remastered)
19. Daft Punk – Too Long (Gonzales version)

Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust

The mysterious Daft Punk album named Leftovers that appeared on iTunes for about a week before it was taken down


Best French House Music

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