New Dance Music 2018 dj Summer Club Mix Mixplode 161 by dj PeeTee
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New Electro House 2015 Best of Party Mashup, Bootleg, Remix Dance Mix
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Sommermusik – Musica de Verano – Música do Verão – Musique d’été – 夏天音樂 | 最佳声乐流行深屋, 电子舞曲 – лето музыка – From Deep and Tropical House to 2018 Summer Club Hits, including Kygo, Jonas Blue, Sam Feldt, Robin Schulz and other DJs. This playlist will get you in the mood for Ibiza, Mykonos and Mallorca.
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—————- Uplifting Trance Top 10 (June 2018) —————–

00:00 Johan Gielen pres. Airscape – Inner Love (Extended Mix)
04:57 Alex Di Stefano – The Sin (Original Mix)
10:16 Richard Durand – The Air I Breathe (Extended Mix)
16:46 Andres Sanchez, Nabil & Hamdy – Sahar (Extended Mix)
21:32 Lostly – If I Stay (Original Mix)
25:28 Talla 2XLC – Innuendo (Extended Mix)
29:52 Alan Morris – Reminds Me Of You (Extended Mix)
34:03 Dustin Husain – Max Revive (Extended Mix)
38:41 Ultimate – Adam’s Peak (Extended Mix)
44:01 Alex Wright – Brumal (Extended Mix)

Photo by: Sofia Zhuravetc

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——– Uplifting Trance ——–
Uplifting trance, often synonymous with epic trance, anthem trance, emotional trance, or euphoric trance is a large sub-genre of Trance music. The name, which emerged in the wake of Progressive Trance in 1996, is derived from the feeling which listeners claim to get (often described as a “rush”). The genre, which originated in Germany, is massively popular in the trance scene, and is one of the dominant forms of dance music worldwide. Historically it is related to the emergence of Psychedelic Trance and the two styles influenced each other. Classical music strongly influenced the development of uplifting trance both in the 1990s and at present, with film music also considered influential.
In general, uplifting trance is a style much lighter in tone than other trance genres (such as Goa). Instead of the darker tone of Goa, uplifting trance uses similar chord progressions as progressive trance, but tracks’ chord progressions usually rest on a major chord, and the balance between major and minor chords in a progression will determine how “happy” or “sad” the progression sounds. The genre features longer major chord progressions in all elements (lead synth, bass, and treble). It also contains extended breakdowns, and relegation of arpeggiation to the background while bringing wash effects to the fore. There is a close relation between uplifting trance and uplifting house. As a general rule of thumb, trance beats in the range of 136–142 BPM.
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“Armin Van Buuren”, “Tiësto”, “W & W”, “Dash Berlin”, “Above & Beyond”, “Andrew Rayel”, “Aly & Fila”, “Paul van Dyk”, “Shogun”, “Markus Schulz”, “Tenishia”, “ATB”, “Ferry Corsten”, “Cosmic Gate”

Best Music Mix 2018 | ♫ 1H Gaming Music ♫ | Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap

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00:00 – TheFatRat – Fly Away feat. Anjulie (JJD Remix)

04:20 – JJD & Mabeha – Odyssey

08:00 – JJD – Devotion

11:25 – Elektronomia – Spirit

14:15 – Jensation – Donuts

16:20 – Jim Yosef – Eclipse

19:25 – JJD & Alex Skrindo – Elation

23:00 – NIVIRO – So Funky

25:45 – Tobu – Roots

28:32 – Axol x Alex Skrindo – You

31:35 – Diviners – Falling (feat. Harley Bird)

34:15 – Jim Yosef – Arrow

37:10 – JJD – Sugar High

40:30 – Waysons – Daydream

44:00 – Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K)

47:10 – Alex Skrindo – Jumbo

49:55 – Waysons – Eternal Minds

53:55 – William Ekh – Adventures (feat. Alexa Lusader)

56:28 – Jim Yosef – Canary

59:20 – NEFFEX – Fade Away

● Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2016 | New Dance Pop Charts Music Mix | Top 100 Electro House Hits
New EDM Party Charts Remix 2016 mixed by DJ Ekki! :]
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Fafa Monteco – « To The Rhythm » – Blackjack
Superdiscount – « Prix Choc » (High Mix) – Solid/V2
Tony Senghore – « Where Is The Love » – Fiji Recordings
Jess & Crabe – « Big Booya » (Original Mix) – Fiat Lux
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The Paradise – « In Love With U » – Vulture
Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon – « So Much Love To Give » – Roulé
Thomas Bangalter – « Spinal Scratch » – Roulé
DJ Falcon – « First » – Roulé
I:Cube – « Disco Cubism » – Versatile rec.
Demon – « You Are My High » (Miami 2000 promo) – 20000 ST
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Paul Johnson – « All For Love » – Dust Traxx
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – « Palladium » – Vulture
Fafa Monteco – « Good Times » (Original mix) – Blackjack
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Number 2 for this French House mix with some Future funk thrown in!


1. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
2. Uppermost – You share love
3. FrenchFilter – One night affair
4. Tendencies – Numberone
5. Sebastien Telier – KILOMETER (Moulinex remix)
6. JNL Cinemafunk – Smooth Change
7. Daft Punk – Digital Love (Boris Dlugosch remix)
8. Justice – Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan durr durr re edit)
9. Le Knight Club – Hysteria
10. Unibe@t – dos
11. Cape Coral – M i d n i g h t . R u n
12. Thomas Bangalter – Colossus
13. Daft Punk – Face to Face (Uppermost remix)
14. Louis La Roche – F.U.B.A.R.
15. Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda

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